SnipePod V2 Standing (Large)


57", 64", or 72" LEGS - STANDING SHOOTING 

Traditional bipods and shooting sticks are limiting – STOP COMPROMISING!

The SnipePod from Kramer Design Corp allows:

  • Unlimited panning – pan smoothly on any axis: horizontal, vertical, canting – SnipePod offers maximum versatility in hunting situations  
  • Move legs in and out independently – make shooting on inclines/declines like steep hillsides and rocks easy
  • Better recoil recovery – faster follow-up shots are possible on the SnipePod
  • Frees your hand up so you can position yourself for ultimate accuracy. Unlike shooting sticks that require managing both of the sticks while in front of the rifle, the SnipePod is completely stable without holding it so your hand is free to take your preferred shooting position.
  • Stability of the SnipePod also affords faster follow up shots unlike shooting sticks
  • Fast, easy detachment
  • Ultra-light in weight
  • Compact

Made in the USA, this superior shooting accessory will quickly become a firm favourite thanks to its weight, lack of bulk, versatility, rapid deployment and minimal impact on zero. 

Find the SnipePod that is right for you 

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SnipePod Dimensions








SnipePod V2 Standing (Large)