Peterson .260 REM Unprimed Brass Rifle Casings


The .260 REM Unprimed Brass Rifle Casing is manufactured on Peterson Cartridge’s new, state-of-the-art case line which uses cutting-edge technology to produce some of the most precise and consistent casings on the market.


50 per box. 

Reload with Peterson's .260 Remington unprimed brass. 

Peterson Cartridge's team is comprised of shooters. This ensures they produce meet the quality, accuracy, and precision that long-distance shooters require. 

Peterson is committed to producing Match-Grade Brass that enables shooters to get more reloads per casing than industry average.

The .260 Remington cartridge was introduced by Remington in 1997. Since that time it has seen considerable success as a calibre used in competition. It is a flat shooter all the way out to 1,000 yards.

Peterson Cartridge is dedicated to producing the best casings for long-distance shooters. So they designed our tooling to make .260 Rem’s with hardness gradients and grain structure that enable our casings to get more reloads than the competition. Peterson’s .260 Rem’s also have more consistent internal volume, which allows the shooter to put more bullets in the same hole at the target.


Additional Information
If you plan to load above SAAMI max pressure and are concerned about primer-pocket leak, Peterson recommends you try their .260 Remington SRP. While they do not suggest loading over SAAMI max pressures, Peterson's small primer pocket .260 Remington SRP have proven to hold up over SAAMI max pressures when tested in their universal receiver.


Warning: Only use Peterson Cartridge Co. casings in firearms in good condition, designed, marked, and chambered for this cartridge. Do not use Peterson Cartridge Co casings for “fire forming” or any other purpose other than what they were designed and tested for. Peterson retains no responsibility for the enclosed casings if they are used outside of the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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Peterson .260 Remington Unprimed Brass Rifle Casings

50 per box. 

Peterson .260 REM Unprimed Brass Rifle Casings