Bell and Carlson T3 CTR - Target/Comp. Stocks with Adj. Cheek Piece Stocks


The ultimate synthetic stock for your Tikka T3 CTR Style (Target/Comp) Stock with Adjustable Cheek Piece.

Bell and Carlson stocks are constructed through a “hand lay-up” process using a variety of composite materials. The composites include fiberglass, aramid fibres, graphite, epoxy gel coats and laminating resins, and polyurethane reinforcement with milled fiberglass. These composites deliver a warm solid feel, rather than the hollow, toy-like feel you get from injection moulded stocks.

Features -

- Drop in for Tikka T3 CTR short action calibres with factory “Tikka CTR” bottom metal and varmint/heavy barrel contour
- Designed to be free floated
- Adjustable cheek piece .5 inch below brownie in down position with 1.125 inch total upward adjustment
- Cheek piece posts incorporate .125 inch spaced e-clip positions for quick removal and replacement without losing the desired set height
- Computer designed and CNC machined full length 6061-T6 aluminium bedding system extends through forearm for strength and stiffness. An additional aluminium “tail piece” extends from the bedding block through the grip area for even more strength and rigidity
- 1 inch Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad
- 2 front sling studs and 1 rear sling stud
- 13.75 length of pull
- 32.25 inch overall stock length
- 2.5 inch forearm width
- Approximately 3.5 lbs

* Note: Tikka T3x may require an ejection port cut. Long action calibres will require a notch in the cheek piece 

Fitting the stock
Fitting your Bell and Carlson stock is an easy process in most cases as it is a drop-in stock. You simply remove the barrelled action from the original stock and bolt it into the Bell and Carlson stock. However, as there are variations in manufacturer’s original equipment or variations in the model, it may be necessary to remove minimal material from the magazine and/or barrel channel area. Modifications can typically be achieved with the use of “Dremel tools”, wooden dowel wrapped with sandpaper, or of course a barrel channel tool. Glass bedding of the stock is not necessary but may be preferred for an absolute positive fit. Enquire with your local gunshop about their fitting services or for more information.

Bell and Carlson T3 CTR - Target/Comp. Stocks with Adj. Cheek Piece Stocks