HS Produkt HS-9 Tactical - Green Frame, Stainless Slide


HS Produkt’s Tactical Handgun with Green Frame & Stainless Slide. Available in 357 Sig, 9 x 19mm, 45ACP and .40 S&W.

Built on a full-size textured frame, it is a mechanically locked, short-recoil operated handgun featuring an automatic firing pin, block/drop safety, grip safety, trigger safety and out of battery safety. To further prevent unintentional discharges, it also has a striker status indicator and a loaded-chamber indicator, so you get both tactile and visual feedback about the status of the handgun.

The HS features a full-length metal slide atop a textured polymer lower frame. The pistol grip is integrated into the design as is the trigger unit. Its spring-loaded magazine is inserted into the handgun grip's base in the usual way and a short section of the slide's rear is ribbed for better gripping when managing the slide itself. The textured gun body makes for a firmer hold by the primary hand.

Sighting is through a standard fixed arrangement.

Not only is this world-class handgun loaded with features, but thanks to advanced state-of-the-art production processes, its overall finish will far exceed your expectations. This is a handgun that represents outstanding value for money. 

More Information

Calibres: 357 Sig, 9 x 19mm, 45ACP, .40 S&W
Action: Single 
Magazine Capacity: 10-round (comes with 2 mags) 
Weight without magazine: 855g 
Magazine weight (empty): 85g 
Magazine weight (full): 255g 
Overall length: 204mm 
Barrel length: 127mm Height: 140.5mm

HS Produkt HS-9 Tactical - Green Frame, Stainless Slide