Guide IR510 Nano N1 Handheld Thermal Monocular - RRP $1995.00


The handheld thermal imaging monocular for hunters that’s easy to use, is actually affordable, and brings functional technology to the hunt. The N1 Nano will thrive in both day and night and on fast-paced hunts thanks to its thermal imaging technology and 50Hz image.
• 19mm lens
• Superior image quality
• Longer detection range
• Smooth images – 50Hz frame
• x2, x4 digital zoom
• 5 colour palettes for max contrast in different scenarios

RRP $1,995 

Thermal imaging for hunting

Unlike night vision, which depends on a ‘light source’ to create its image, a thermal imaging monocular picks up on temperature. This means that it works well both day and night.


50Hz display delivers smooth footage

The Nano N1 delivers a smooth image thanks to its 50Hz display. The display refreshes 50 times per second, so you get clear, smooth vision that can keep up with fast-paced hunting or any animal your tracking.



It’s compact, lightweight, and ergonomic so you can scan vast areas for longer – minus arm fatigue. And with just three buttons–one to adjust brightness, one for zoom and another for choosing the colour palette–it’s super-easy to use.

The Nano’s lightproof design prevents excess light from affecting image quality. IP66 protection helps to protect for water and dirt. The IR510 Nano also includes standard analog video output interfaces and a micro USB interface for data transmission and charging.


•  Superior image quality & longer detection range
•  Compact in size – only 16cms long
•  Ergonomic design allows scanning of vast areas for longer without arm fatigue
•  Easy operation with only with 3 buttons: (1) adjust brightness, (2) zoom, (3) changing colour palette to maximise contrast
•  Lightproof design prevents any excess light from affecting image quality
•  Rugged: IP66 protection level, 1-meter drop test, performs in harsh weather
•  Internal Li-ion battery,3.7V, 3200mAh, provides up to 5 hours working time
•  Standard analog video output interfaces and a micro USB interface for data transmission and charging
•  2 Year warranty

More Information

Product Code: Guide-IR510N1

Detector type: 400×300@17μm
Spectral range: 8μm~14μm

Lens size: 19mm
Focusing: Free
FOV: 19.0°×14.5°

Display: 720x540, Colorful 0.2″LCOS
Frame: 50Hz
Digital zoom: ×2, ×4

Human: 1.8m×0.5m: 500m
Vehicle: 2.3m×2.3m: 1300m

Human: 1.8m×0.5m: 300m
Vehicle: 2.3m×2.3m: 500m

Weight: 350g
Dims: 160mm × 67mm × 62mm

Video output: Micro HDMI
USB: TYPE C (USB 2.0 standard) for charging, data tranmission
External connection: External connection by a Picatinny rail
Memory card: 16 GB

Other features: image enhancement, brightness and contrast of image are adjustable, auto power-off, auto sleep, super power-save mode, the work indicator light can be shut off

Guide comes with: Power adapter, USB cable, Micro HDMI cable, lens cover, wrist strap, shoulder strap, lining package & quick start guide

Guide IR510 Nano N1 Handheld Thermal Monocular - RRP $1995.00