Limbsaver noise and vibration-control firearm accessories will save your limbs, literally.

LimbSaver recoil pads are hands-down the best precision fit and slip on recoil pads for greatly reducing felt recoil - in fact, LimbSaver's Airtech recoil pads reduce felt recoil by up to a whopping 70%! Australian shooter’s using these recoil pads report they can shoot all day without pain and bruising and have increased accuracy on their follow up shots! You will also value LimbSaver’s Non-slip Surface which will keep your rifle, shotgun or muzzleloader comfortably in position – even in the rain.

If you are after a slip-on recoil, then you’ll find LimbSaver's expansive range offers multiple sizes for nearly any sized stock. Further, this recoil pad is dead easy to install.

For a truly customised experience, the Grind-to-fit series of recoil pads are perfect for you! We recommend that you use your local gunsmith to modify and install the pad as per your requirements.

Other must-have Limbsaver accessories include high-performance rifle slings, fiber optics sights and rifle lubricant.

Download LimbSaver's Recoil Pad Template to find which pad is right for you.