J Dewey Adjustable Bore Saver Rod Guides


The Dewey Bore Saver cleaning rod guide replaces the bolt in your action while cleaning. The guide allows the cleaning rod to go straight into the bore without harming the chamber or throat.

Made from anodized aluminium in 6 bore sizes. The aluminium rod guide collar with threaded brass adjustment pin allows for quick adjustment to any bolt length. Chamber sealing o-rings eliminate solvents from coming back into action, trigger, and magazine areas.

On some rifles, the bolt stop can be used to retain the Rod Guide by using the groove provided on the guide collar. Can be used with all types of cleaning rods.

  • 13 Inch Overall Length
  • Anodized Aluminum Rod Guide Tube with Solvent Port
  • Adjustable Aluminium Locking Collar with Brass Pin
  • O-Rings to Seal the Chamber and Keep Solvents/Oils Out of Receiver
  • Replaces the Bolt

Important note for Sako Owners – Due to Sako using 10 different bolts in their various models, please confirm your own bolt body diameter.

J Dewey Adjustable Bore Saver Rod Guides